The "Keep me logged in" option

You can choose to be automatically logged into the ePropertyStop site. This means anytime you visit the ePropertyStop site, our system will log you in. There is a "Keep me logged in on this computer" tick-box at the bottom of the login box. By ticking this box, you will be automatically logged in each time you visit ePropertyStop.

If you click "log out", you will need to re-enter your email and password next time you visit. Simply click the option again to re-enable automatic login.

Getting used to the new login process

On your first visit back to ePropertyStop, the login boxes will be empty and require you to enter your email and password. If you have forgotten your password, we can email your password to you.

Select "Keep me logged in on this computer" if you would like us to automatically log you in each time you visit.

When NOT to use this feature

You should NOT use this feature if you are accessing ePropertyStop from an Internet Cafe or a shared computer.

You should only use this feature if:

  • You are the only ePropertyStop user that uses your computer
  • You trust everyone who has access to your computer

You are still responsible for actions taken while you are logged in - so do not use this option if there is any risk of somebody else using your computer.